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Cyber Security

Building Cyber Security into your Business Workflow

Cyber security is a complex but essential issue; we’ll help you implement cost effective, practical and appropriate measures to protect your data, your IT systems, and your business.

How well do you understand cyber security and its implications for your organisation? Are you confused by constantly changing jargon? Do you know what to do in the case of a cyber attack? How would you handle a data breach? Are you sure your IT provider is GDPR compliant? Can they help you maintain compliance or prepare you for official certifications?

As an organisation, Zenzero are fully GDPR compliant and we can work with you to help your organisation achieve and maintain compliance or prepare you for official certifications such as Cyber Essentials.

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Our team can also carry out a “cyber health check” to identify risks and threats to your systems and processes; then, based on the results, we will recommend measures that are right for your business. We look at a number of different areas:


Data is one of your most valuable business assets. While information sharing is vital to effective business, it increases risk – both internal and external. We help you identify what data you hold and where, how it is shared, and how to make sure it is properly deleted when it is no longer needed.

Access & Passwords

It’s important, too, to keep control of data access so we’ll set up different access levels and groupings to help protect sensitive data while still allowing your business to function effectively.

Networks & File Sharing

While it is reasuring to know that your internal network is virus-free and secure, your organisation doesn’t work in a vacuum and many threats to security come via email or internet activity. We use secure cloud sharing services and firewall technology to protect your organisation from external threats. We also recommend and implement software such as Microsoft Office 365 to ensure safe sharing of information.

Hardware & Device Management

All devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers… – used by your teams for business purposes are potentially at risk. We use sophisticated techniques such as two-factor authentication to protect against unauthorised use, as well as encryption to keep your data safe.

Up-to-Date Security Protection

Out-of-date software is one of the biggest security risks, so we install the latest software security patches quickly and efficiently to protect your business against ransomware as soon as threats are identified. These centrally managed software updates minimise disruption to your day-to-day business activity, ensuring compliance and reducing risk.

Beyond Technology

At Zenzero, we realise that cyber security is also about human behaviour; that’s why we partner with other experts to provide a holistic approach to people, processes and technology.

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