Working Risk Assessment - Zenzero

Covid-19 Working Risk Assessment

Establishment: Zenzero Solutions LtdAssessment for: Warwick Office, Innovation Centre, WarwickDate: 3rd June 2020
Manager Approval: Anne Tasker
Date:3rd June 2020

This report is produced for the Zenzero offices in Units 5a – 8 of The Innovation Centre, Warwick Technology Park, Warwick.  This covers all units used by Zenzero, kitchens, entrances/exits to the units and all points of interaction between staff and visitors.  It does not cover building reception, entrances and exits to the main building, communal areas, lifts and toilets in the Innovation Centre; a separate risk assessment will be completed by the landlord The University of Warwick.


At all times it is expected Zenzero staff and visitors understand and observe the clear social distancing rules of maintaining a 2 metre distance between each other, therefore this action will and should always be considered as an action in conjunction with the risks and actions detailed below.


Should a fire alarm or activation occur (other than the usual weekly testing regime) then the fire risk assessment takes precedence and the actions implemented in the Covid 19 action plan are nil and void during the alarm activation (including the normal social distancing rules).  You would therefore follow the quickest and safest route out of the building and proceed to the usual meeting point.


We intend to continually review the Covid 19 risk assessment as we proceed either following staff feedback and use of the building or as risks are identified by either us, landlord or government instructions.

Hazard/RiskWho is at Risk?How can the hazards cause harmNormal Control MeasuresAre Normal Control Measures Y/N/NA
In place/ Adequate
Visitors to the Centre who are unfamiliar to the building.Staff and visitorsPass on the virus to others in the building.Zenzero will limit the number of visitors to the office where possible.

Visitors will be asked to review the Innovation Centre’s Covid 19 Action Plan and strictly follow the actions and recommendations made.

The staff member the visitor has come to see will be asked by centre staff to come to reception to escort the visitor to the meeting point, following the social distancing rules at all times.

Upon entering the offices all visitors will be asked to sanitise their hands with sanitiser provided.
Post room and deliveries Managerial, admin, finance and logistics staff Pass on the virus to others in the building.All packages and letters delivered to the centre’s reception staff will be received in the usual way and stored as previously.

Post and parcels should be opened wearing gloves and distributed as normal.

Cardboard/ paper packaging/envelopes should be immediately placed in recycling bins provided.

If gloves are not available, staff handling and/or opening post should wash their hands immediately after disposing of packaging.
Walkways between units
All staff and visitorsPass on the virus to others in the offices.At all times staff and visitors should keep to the left when walking along corridors and around the building.

Please follow the signs and markers around the offices at all times. We will endeavour to follow a one-way system route around the offices wherever possible but there are certain areas where this is not feasible.

Should we be unable to undertake a one-way system due to building configuration it is expected that each staff member/visitor will visually check the corridor for clearance prior to proceeding down the corridor.

Should the walkway be blocked by another person walking the corridor, the staff member/visitor will stand clear at a turning point to enable a 2m passing point to be created. They will then proceed down the corridor.
ToiletsAll staff and visitorsPass on the virus to others in the buildingStaff and visitors should follow the actions contained in the centre’s risk assessment regarding use of the communal toilets
KitchensAll staffPass on the virus to others in the buildingAll kitchens should be kept clear, clean and tidy at all times.

If the kitchen area is occupied, you should wait a safe distance away until the kitchen is clear and free to enter the area, maintaining the safe 2 metre distance at all times
Server RoomAll staffPass on the virus to others in the buildingOnly one member of staff will be allowed in the server room at any one time.
CleaningAll staff and visitorsPass on the virus to others in the buildingContracted cleaning staff will clean all touch points including door handles, communal area surfaces, desks, kitchen worktops, taps in both kitchens in addition to their usual cleaning routine each evening.

Staff should ensure the sink and taps are kept clear and clean; all spills are cleaned up immediately, used/ dirty crockery, glasses, cutlery are put straight into the dishwasher.

If a deep clean is required of any common area then this will be instructed as necessary.
Meeting RoomsAll staff and visitorsPass on the virus to others in the buildingThe meeting rooms will be available where required for essential meetings, but it is up to the meeting organiser to ensure the strict 2 metre distancing is maintained at all times during the meeting.

After each meeting all cups, glasses etc will be removed and put directly into the dishwasher prior to re-setting the room for the next meeting.

All touch points in the meeting room should be cleaned by meeting organiser, such as handles, chairs, tables, touch points
LiftsAll staff and visitorsPass on the virus to others in the buildingStaff and visitors should follow the actions contained in the centre’s risk assessment regarding use of the communal lifts.
Additional Control Measures (to take account of local/individual circumstances including changes such as working practices, equipment, staffing levels).Action by Whom (list the name of the person/people who have been designated to conduct actions)Action by When (set timescales for the completion of the actions – remember to prioritise them)Action Completed (record the actual date of completion for each action listed)Residual Risk Rating
DATE OF REVIEW: 3rd June 2020COMMENTS:Signed off by Anne Tasker
VERY HIGH (VH) Strong likelihood of fatality / serious injury occurringThe activity must not take place at all. You must identify further controls to reduce the risk rating.
HIGH (H) Possibility of fatality/serious injury occurringYou must identify further controls to reduce the risk rating.
Seek further advice, e.g. from your H&S Team
MEDIUM (M) Possibility of significant injury or over 3 day absence occurringIf it is not possible to lower risk further, you will need to consider the risk against the benefit. Monitor risk assessments at this rating more regularly and closely.
LOW (L) Possibility of minor injury onlyNo further action required.