BC Legal - Zenzero

Case Study: BC Legal

The Goal

BC Legal’s business requirements and planned use of IT had outgrown what they could manage internally. They were struggling to manage larger IT projects and respond timely to smaller IT Support issues raised by staff. BC Legal were looking to work with an external managed IT Support company who specialised in working with medium sized businesses in Essex and the South East of England.

Project Challenges

– Moving from an internal support model to and external service can prove difficult as there will be processes and systems in place designed for specific purposes.

– BC Legal has Insurer clients who have highly sensitive information which needs to be protected at all costs and so there were challenges around securing data.

The Solution

Zenzero took the pressure off BC Legal by taking control of their IT Support issues and guiding them through a structured on-boarding process which takes the hassle out of switching IT Support providers. All staff were migrated over to OneDrive and other Microsoft applications, the team all expressed how easy they felt the transition was. Weekly progress reports were sent to BC LegalĀ  to keep them up to date on progress.

“Of all the major supplier switches I have ever done, changing my IT provider to Zenzero has been one of the smoothest. “

Terry Smith, Head of Technical Operations, BC Legal.