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Rapid Development of Software Solutions

Using a bespoke or customised software solution can transform your internal and external processes and enable you to save effort and stand out from the crowd. We have created and support a variety of software solutions for all kinds of organisations of all sizes.

We use the latest technology to deliver modern internet-based systems that look great and are easy to use. Yes we love all the technical stuff as well, but the test of a system is ‘does it make the users want to use it?’ and ‘does it deliver the reports and time improvements you are looking for?’.

There are lots of ‘do it yourself’ software tools out there but they nearly all have a key flaw and that is…security. We cannot think of many systems where you would not need to store data that you do not want to protect from prying eyes so we use the latest industrial strength technology to make systems as secure and only accessed by the people who need to know.

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Key Reasons to Talk to us:

  • You have an excel spreadsheet that is key to your business – what happens if you need to share it and it gets corrupted?
  • You have a process that is in need of automation because it is repetitive or complex – save time and reduce errors
  • You have key knowledge about a process that is in someone’s head and you are worried about them – build a system anyone can use
  • There are lots of version of documents e.g. price lists and you need to control this data as mistakes cost money – manage data centrally and control who can change it
  • You want your customers to see you are modern and efficient – build a customer portal so you can make things efficient for them and you
  • You need to grow but you do not want to put more people costs into the business – do more with less When the company was smaller you could see all the issues, now you are large you do not feel in control – implement a software system and use dashboards to show you where the issues are
  • You have an old system that has served you well but it needs updating – update the security and add a portal for your customers or staff
  • You think that artificial intelligence (AI) might help but you do not know where to start – We are working with a leading AI university on real life problems.  There is a lot of rubbish talked about AI, speak to us to cut through the jargon

Whatever your requirement or even if you just want some good advice we are here to help and we like nothing more than talking about what you do and how technology can help.