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Case Study

Moore & Tibbits Solicitors

As a high street practice we work with private clients, covering legal matters, from property through wills to divorce and crime. We also deal with a range of commercial and corporate issues. Moore and Tibbits is forward thinking regarding new technology – there is a huge commitment to using IT to improve standards and customer service.

The challenge

Like other firms, we are under pressure as much of what we have done traditionally is now becoming commoditised. As a result, we have needed to become much more efficient. We have been through a lot of change and have improved the IT and systems we use to deliver solutions to clients. The world has changed for us just as it has for many other businesses. What we are trying to do is ensure clients are serviced through the channel they want, which in the context of a commitment to technology is massively important. We have done well and have come a long way already although there is still much to do.

As you can now access a lot of what lawyers have previously done almost from the side of a till these days, our primary focus has to be customer service. It is one of the few benefits you can continue to sell and it’s about delivery on time, information availability and access to resources more easily – oft en through online delivery.

If you don’t have someone like Zenzero, you wouldn’t be able to run a modern legal business; end of story. It’s an absolutely essential service.

The solution

The difficulty is pulling together the different strands of the technical solution – Zenzero has helped us to gather IT effectiveness into a coherent strategy. This joined up service delivery provides a number of benefits, including cost efficiencies, faster research methods and added value for customers.

Zenzero have a very good understanding of the business needs and have been instrumental in ensuring the resources we can access are aligned to our clients’ needs.

The criminal team, (which for instance forms a significant proportion of our business), effectively works remotely. To provide the team more flexibility, Zenzero has helped us implement mobile dictation on our iPhones and Blackberries. Same in the rest of the business.

As I was about to depart on foreign mission I too needed the
same urgent flexibility – Paul was fantastic, the way he handled
my requirements was a great advert for the company.

We are all so dependent on technology these days – losing access to your email or the internet prevents you from working.
Our IT strategy is, however, about much more than just day-today operations. Data protection has to be a large part of it too.
We are like doctors, we have to be absolutely confidential and are held up against very high standards.

Zenzero’s input regarding data management and backup has been very valuable as any breaches are extremely serious.

The result

The Vine Trust has worked with Zenzero from the outset.

Anne and her team have been providing trusted support, guidance and advice ever since. The forward thinking, friendly, personable approach adopted by all members of the company together with excellent levels of professional support is something rarely seen in the competitive world that is IT.

It was crucial for the Trust to identify a smarter way of working – one that ensured that our academy members had access to the platforms needed to deliver the best possible learning experience to our pupils. Moreover, in order for the trust to satisfy regulatory compliance it was important for the Trust to have visibility of the data being created at school level. Centralising the IT platform has allowed our academy members to retain their independence, whilst providing the Trust with the confidence that a consistent approach to the security and protection of sensitive information data is taken.

Brendon Ince

Chief Operating Officer

The Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust