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Improving productivity through better communication

Cooperation and collaboration lie at the heart of effective business, so, in addition to strengthening IT security and management control, the Microsoft Office 365 suite of tools focuses on simplifying communication across your organisation. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Zenzero can help you embrace a flexible, real-time exchange of ideas and information that improves staff engagement and productivity.

Even if your business already uses some of the programs and tools provided by Microsoft Office, you may not realise the full power of Office 365. From secure cloud storage to multiple user access and editing of shared files, to team planning and messaging, to the creation of presentations, work flows and digital publications, the possibilities are almost unlimited.

Cloud storage

Holding data, documents and applications on the cloud, with compliant version control and secure multi-user access, makes collaboration easy, reducing the need to store sensitive data locally and lessening the requirement for physical server infrastructure. It also simplifies security and offers advantages of speed, flexibility and scalability.

Project supervision

By allowing you to see what other people in your organisation are working on, Office 365’s Delve function helps you monitor projects and activities. Individual user access permissions make this a safe and effective way to keep control.

Planning and collaboration

From group messaging to shared calendars and planner boards to task tracking, Office 365’s suite of programs include a host of options to simplify project planning and team working across your organisation.

Multimedia creations

Nowadays, linear text and images are simply not enough to create the necessary impact to stand out from the crowd. With Sway, you can easily create and share digital booklets, complete with embedded video, audio and live data.

Real-time reporting

Data is vital to business; but just how you view that data matters, too. While Office 365 gives you access to a vast amount of shared data, Power BI allows you to ignore the noise and focus on exactly what matters to you, confident that the information is always up to date.

Customised workflows

One of the keys to effective business is identifying systems and automating processes: if one event is always followed by a specific result, the completion of a form triggers the sending of an email, etc., this should happen automatically. Flow allows you to set up and customise workflows.

These are just some of the powerful tools available within Microsoft Office 365, which we can help you embed into your organisation’s workflow to strengthen security, enhance systems and processes, and promote more effective communication. This in turn can lead to higher staff engagement, more agile business practice, and improved productivity.

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