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Your fully functional Unified Communications Platform

Microsoft Teams is the Unified Comms platform. By providing an always-on chat and telephony platform you can foster a culture of communication and collaboration within your business. Help your remote workers to feel more engaged and make sure that the right people are exposed to the right information at the best times. At Zenzero we have been using Microsoft Teams as our core messaging platform since it was launched. We have seen marked improvement in productivity, collaboration and have eliminated organisational wide email updates thanks to these awesome tools.

Key Benefits of Microsoft Teams:


• Add a phone system designed for Office 365 to your existing plan

• Make and transfer calls from your desk phone, your PC, smartphone or tablet

•  Consolidate your billing

•  Benefit from unlimited UK calling plans with all our packages

Video Calling & Conferencing

•  Reduce the amount of time your remote staff spend travelling to on-site meetings

•  Improve engagement on conference calls by utilising video

•  Use Teams to display content relevant to each meeting and share with attendees

• Connect with your employees and customers in more innovative ways

Instant Messaging

•  Improve collaboration amongst your team members

•  Use instant messaging for fast, non-intrusive communications

• Reduce email clutter

• Take the conversation anywhere

• Chat one-to-one or with multiple team members


• Create teams and channels that match your organisational structure

• Share files and updates across channels, teams, projects and other areas of interest

• Broadcast messages across your entire organisation or to members of your teams or channels

• Foster a culture of collaboration and communication by utilising the tools available

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