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Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS)

Safeguarding Data through Innovative User Identity Protection

In modern business, most people use a range of applications and devices to access and share information from multiple locations, putting data at risk. Zenzero can help your organisation maintain legal compliance and boost client confidence by using Microsoft’s EMS identity-driven security systems to detect and respond to threats to your data.

Although the advent of cloud computing and the ease of multi-location access from mobile devices make communications more agile and collaboration simpler, the advantages of this improved business flexibility need to be balanced against new risks to data security, both within and beyond your organisation.

With over 60% of data breaches occurring when attackers gain corporate network access through weak or stolen user credentials, the ability to monitor, understand and control user activity is paramount. The Zenzero team will work with you to make sure your users have the full and flexible access your business activities require, while you retain firm control of your organisation’s data.

Centralised Identities

A single sign-in for secure access to all corporate resources on-site and in the cloud makes it easy for genuine users to work without disruption. It also provides the key to detecting anomalies in user behaviour and preventing unauthorised access.

Conditional Access Policies

Privileged accounts may be vital for some projects, but far too frequently permissions are left in place when they are no longer needed. Regular review of user rights ensures permissions levels are kept current and relevant.

Remote Data Wiping Capabilities

While using personal or mobile company devices to access sensitive information increases business flexibility, it also increases the risk to this information. Microsoft InTune protects sensitive company data by allowing remote wiping of compromised devices.

Extended Collaborative Networks

While team collaboration within the organisation is nothing new, EMS allows groups and teams to include not just employees but external partners, too, making projects simpler as a range of users and stakeholders access and share information securely from multiple locations.

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