Julie Cooper - Zenzero

Julie Cooper

Julie Cooper
Service Assurance Manager

At Zenzero, I take accountability for:

– Service Reporting for Customers

– Coordinating security incident management/major incident management

– Outreach to customers, particularly in relation to Cyber Security

– Project Management and championing some internal business systems

– Driving Continuous Service Improvement Activity

– Using my business analyst/scientific skills to problem-solve

– Working across teams to enable business collaboration

Why my job motivates me?

The variety of activity that I can get involved in motivates me on a day to day basis.

My favourite times are when I can see that we are making a positive difference to our customers.  That difference might be in improved business processes for them, allowing our customers to perform better and do the things they really want to do.

Another positive aspect is working collaboratively with team members, championing improved business systems for us, or ways of working so that we can be even better as a team.

Why I like working at Zenzero?

I like working at Zenzero because of the stimulation and challenge of day to day activities, whether they are responsive or proactive.  I like working with nice people to fix issues and resolve business problems and I enjoy the problem solving and troubleshooting aspects of analysing business processes and finding ways to make them more effective.  I like the fact that Zenzero lets me use my particular bag of skills in a way that makes me feel valued and gives the business benefits.

What people don’t know about me………..

I have been a STEM Ambassador since 2011 and am a member of the Institute of Physics

I was a beekeeper until a couple of years ago, despite being allergic to bee stings

I have been Parkrunning and more recently volunteering at Parkrun since Zenzero encouraged us into healthier lifestyles by partnering with Vitality Healthcare

I once sampled beaches on the south coast, liquidising mussels and limpets to monitor the quality of UK bathing waters.