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Furlough Advice

Zenzero is committed to supporting our clients throughout these unprecedented times. Whether this be through providing essential remote support or offering business advice. If you are furloughing staff, we have come up with information for your organisation to consider around the topic of IT challenges and protecting your business.

The IT challenges of furloughing staff

We are also aware lots of businesses are having to make difficult decisions around staffing and furlough. In the same way that requests for things like home working, VPN connections or remote access should be coordinated within your business, it is vital that you have a clear process in place if you need to furlough staff.

Whilst staff won’t be able to work when on furlough, their IT accounts and systems need to be ready for when your business gets back into normal operations. It is also important that sensitive data, configurations or other settings aren’t lost during the furlough period or it may make things more difficult when you do bring staff back into the workforce.

Here are some of the key things you need to consider from an IT perspective:

Out-of-Office notifications: make sure you have a clear out of office message for staff on furlough, including alternative contact details.

Office 365 licencing: If you need to save costs you might be able to downgrade licences (e.g. unsubscribe from desktop versions of Office), but don’t forget you will need to upgrade again.

Remote access: you should consider disabling remote access for staff on Furlough, this will help improve your security posture and stop unauthorised access to your company data.

Alternative access: do you need to give another user access to emails or files? Remember your furloughed staff are still employees so you may not want other staff looking through their emails. In any case please do not share passwords as this isn’t a good way to share data.

Mobile devices: you may have furloughed staff that accessed your systems from mobile devices, we may be able to help you wipe remote devices if you have security concerns.

Telephone systems: you may be able to save on VoIP license costs and redirect calls to other users, again this will depend on your exact system and what you want to achieve.

There may be other IT considerations for your business, we’re working on an update to the COVID-19 part of our website so check there for more information or contact your account manager.

If you do have staff leave the business, either during or after the furlough period, we will follow our standard user de-boarding process. The best way to manage this is via the myZenzero portal where there are forms for starters and leavers.

Working with our partners Pentlands we have expertise in technology, employment and money. If you have a question about working from home, grants, loans or anything else coronavirus-related, just ask. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll certainly know someone who does.