Connor Charles - Zenzero

Connor Charles

Connor Charles
Resolver Group Engineer

At Zenzero, I take accountability for:

-Managing 3rd line and Business Critical service tickets through to completion, ensuring adherence to contracted SLA requirements. This includes working with Hyper-V Virtualised environments, Microsoft’s cloud based services (such as Office 365, Azure and SharePoint)  and a number of different hardware firewall systems.

-Maintaining and creating knowledge base articles for both 3rd party and Business Critical applications, ensuring the Managed Services team has precise and consistently up-to-date documentation on the systems and customers we support.

-Acting as a technical point of contact for 1st and 2nd line engineers situated within the Service Desk.

-Identifying trends whilst working with other teams to support with the effective management of root cause analysis and risk mitigation.

-Working with the Monitoring and Sales teams to identify technical weaknesses, resolving issues where possible and advising on larger changes where needed.

Why my job motivates me?

Every day presents new challenges, enabling me to continually progress my technical knowledge, alongside developing and strengthening relationships with customers. Working directly with customers to resolve business critical issues often allows me to really see and reflect on the positive difference we make to our customers.

Why I like working at Zenzero?

The staff at Zenzero create a great atmosphere, and there’s always new technologies or tasks inducing collaboration between teams. The management team are highly personable and truly believe in working with staff to drive both professional and personal development.

Regardless of whom you are or what role you’re in, whenever you encounter a tricky task/situation, there’s always someone around to give you a helping hand whether this be a technical issue, a communicative issue, or anything in-between!

What people don’t know about me………..

For the last few years, I’ve sparked a keen interest in drone cinematography, of which I am a CAA Certified Drone Operator and have clocked up several hundred hours flight time.