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Business Continuity

Zenzero can provide customers with a selection of managed backup services and data-security services that range from secure on-line backups to full Disaster Recovery (DR-ready) solutions.

Our standard backup service provides your organisation with a fully encrypted solution that takes hourly snapshots of your critical data and sends these overnight to Zenzero’s datacentre. This means you are protected from everything from accidental file deletion to full server failure. Further options include the possibility of storing your data in the Cloud for faster recovery and of allowing servers to be restored in the event of hardware failure.

No matter what your business is, in today’s digital world, being without key IT systems or business data is almost guaranteed to cause significant disruption in the event of system downtime or failure. While hardware can be repaired or replaced, data, the life blood of a business, is not so easily recovered unless suitable plans have been made.

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You may have heard or be familiar with the terms; Disaster Recovery (DR), Business Continuity (BC), Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) but do you understand what they are and how your business would cope in the event of a disaster?

Business Continuity describes both the processes and procedures that a business must instigate to make sure the mission-critical functions can continue during and after a disaster. When talking about Business Continuity (BC), the importance is on maintaining operations. While BC and DR are different and should be considered so, they are closely related and therefore need to be considered simultaneously.

One of the most important stages of planning is to understand your Recovery Time Objective (RTO). The RTO is the acceptable length of time which a business process must be restored in order to avoid unacceptable business consequences generated from a loss of service. When a business understands the RTO, it is then possible to build a “Disaster Recovery” plan that deals with protecting an organisation from the effects of substantial disruptive

To find out how Zenzero can help your business with Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning or to learn more about the StorageCraft product range, please call our sales team on 0333 3209 900.

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